Seminar Vejle – 2010

Seminar, Vejle - Mar 2010

Seminar, Vejle – Mar 2010

Review after the seminar:

” Monday the 8/3 the best Karate club of Vejle, had the great plesaure of welcoming Nikolaj Skarbye.

The teachings was split in 3 sections, so the difficult levels fit the indivdiual teams. Nikolaj taught among other stuff, pushing hands and pressure points.

Nikolaj is only 22 years, but you must admit that he knows his craft. The teachings was in all ways very informative and the many attendees could not avoid have some different and inspiring techniques put in their backpack.

Even when the last session was over, Nikolaj continued his training in the nearby room. Here he showed some fun pen and bear-can tricks, followed with more pressurepoints and distraction tactics. In every aspect a very inspiring and learning evening.

Oss. Henrik (original on danish”